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Mother Mother Ocean, June 17, 2012 at The Newport Yachting Center, Rhode Island


Mother Mother Ocean is a multi-media cultural fundraising event designed to increase awareness of plastics pollution currently affecting our oceans and to move people to action.

This event celebrated our oceans as well as drawing attention to the critical issues related to the ocean's ability to remain the world's most important natural resource. The event showcased work from globally-focused organizations and campaigns including United Nations Safe Planet Campaign, 5Gyres, Ocean Conservancy, Sailors for the Sea and others.

Local participation, organized by Wendy J. Mackie, CEO of the Rhode Island Marine Trades Organization (RIMTA), included Save the Bay, Clean the Bay, Rhode Island Dept of Environmental Management (DEM), Rhode Island Resource Recovery (RIRRC), the City of Newport and the Rhode Island School of Design. Mother Mother Ocean included presentations, an art exhibit, short lms and musical performances.

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